• Trowel Videos
  • MQ Whiteman Walk Behind Power Trowel Handle Installation

    Installation of a trowel handle on a Multiquip Walk-behind Power trowel.
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  • Plus+1® Guide Service Tool Download & Installation

    An in depth walk through on how to download and installation of the Plus+1® Guide Service Tool software to connect your laptop or your computer to a Whiteman Ride-On Trowel.
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  • How to Update a Whiteman Ride-on Power Trowel's MCU Software and Parameters.

    Video guide on how to perform the Machine Control Unit (MCU) software and parameters update on a Whiteman Ride-On Trowel with the PLUS+1® Guide Service Tool.
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  • HTXD6i STXD6i Pedal Calibration

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  • HTXD6i STXD6i Connecting Trowel to Computer

    Steps on how to connect the trowel to your computer/laptop via USB cable and installing the license key for the first time use.
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