• Safety Recalls
  • Multiquip is committed to providing products engineered to deliver the highest levels of quality and performance and safety. This commitment includes occasionally issuing product recalls for the saftey of our customers.

    If you have questions, please contact the Multiquip Technical Support Department directly at 800-478-1244 or via email at techsupport@multiquip.com.

  • Water Trailer Safety Chain Inspection Required

    Issued 1/24/2020

    Multiquip has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain model year 2019 WT5C trailers. The trailer safety chains may be too short to properly connect to a tow vehicle.

    Applies to: WT5C/WT5CSG
    Serial Numbers: 54401 - 54404, 54419 - 54436, 54444 - 54448, 54452 - 54454, 54526 - 54542, 54553 - 5559,54582 - 54587, 54717 - 54723, L027063 - L027067, L027114 - L027133, L027188 - L027207, 54282 - 54288

    Risk of:
    Serious Injury, Death, Propery Damage

    WBH-16 Fuel Tank Vent Valve and Vapor Hose Update

    Issued 8/7/2012

    Multiquip is alerting the owners of the WBH16-Series power buggies of updates required to the fuel tank.

    Applies to: WBH16
    Serial Numbers: 110401 ~ 120610

    Risk of:
    Property Damage, Personal Injury

    WTB-16 Hydraulic Filter Failure

    Issued 2/24/2020

    Under certain conditions, a surge in Hydraulic pressure may occur that leads to failure of the spin-on filter.

    Applies to: WTB-16 Track Buggies
    Serial Numbers: 180602-190320

    Risk of:
    Operator Injury, Property Damage

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