65 HP Power Solutions International (PSI)

    WST - Latest Features

    • Latest File: 42068RevH
    • Previous File: 42068RevG
      • Adds set up function to the Machine Setup page.  This functions like inserting the setup jumper does.
      • Fuse box page now notes if connection with the fuse box has been lost.
      • Update the electrical schematic.
      • Update the parameter pages to reflec latest changes to 42003106.

    SOFTWARE - Latest Update

    • Software ID: 42003
    • New Version:106
    • Old Version: 105
      • Improved power management in high torque situations.
      • Smoother start and stop to motor rotation.
      • Improved pedal scaling, feel, and speed control.
      • Fix a bug with interaction between Drive Bypass and hydraulic fan control.
      • Fix a bug with hydraulic filter faults.

    Parameter - Current File

    • Latest File:
      • 42126109 (single fan units)
      • 42950104 (dual Fan units)
    • Previous File: 4216107(single fan units) 42950102(dual fan units)
      • 4216104 -  single engine fan
      • 42950102 - dual engine fan

    NOTE: "Loading the incorrect file by model will affect the machine performance!"

  • Trowel Application Files

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    Trowel Application Files

  • Whiteman Service Tool Videos

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    Whiteman Service Tool Videos                                                

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