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    Multiquip offers several handbooks and training guides as self-study tools which can be used as preparation for our UMQ Sales & Service classes or as a supplement to existing training.

    The materials on this page are designed to provide an understanding of some common equipment applications and assistance in selecting the right tool for your project. Our handbooks are intended primarily for rental sales & service employees and construction industry professionals.

  • Handbooks

    Soil Compaction Handbook

    Our Soil Compaction Handbook guides the user through the reasons for compacting soil, the types of compaction effort used, and covers Multiquip's compcation equipment line of rammers, plate compactors, and rollers.

    Generator Handbook

    Our generator handbook provides a basic education in electrical theory and generator operation, including formula for calculating power output and how to use that information to size a generator for your needs. Appendix tables provide starting requirements for electric motors, common extension cord gauge sizes, and typical power requirements for common construction applications

    Dewatering Pump Selection Handbook

    Our Dewatering Pump Selection Handbook teaches the user to understanding common Dewatering Pump designs, Pumping Theory, and the principles behind pumping equipment selection

    Concrete Vibrators Handbook

    Our Concrete Vibrator handbook explains the basics of concrete, the purpose of vibrating curing concrete, and the different types of vibrator machines available.

    MQ Product Training Handbook

    The MQ Product Training Handbook provides overviews of selected product lines and is intended as a learning supplement for Multiquip dealer training.

  • Technical Paper

    Generator Motor Starting

    This short paper will address motor basics, starting current, the impact high transient current has on a generator and the important role transient reactance plays in estimating the generator size in the absence of generator performance data.

    Grounding & Bonding; Temporary Power Generation and Electrical Distribution

    "Grounding & Bonding of an effective ground fault current path is the backbone of electrical safety and shock prevention in temporary power generation and electrical distribution system installations”

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